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  1. gülnaz dalga

    turkısh exo l where are you ??

  2. Aminata Zuhria

    I'm crying

  3. Slvi A

    25juta sgra

  4. Coolio Boolio the 3rd

    Okay so I’m not bashing I’m genuinely curious and because I am not a member of this culture I am nit in a position to decide if this is okay or not, but isnt there a lot of cultural appropriation in this video and in their stage outfits. Isn’t a lot of this Indian culture. I’m black and I know when something like this happens to us it’s a big thing but when it happens to another culture I don’t hear anything about it. I just want to know someone please explain. BUT IF IT IS DONT BLAME IDOLS BLAME COMPANIES THE IDOLS DO NOT DRESS THEMSELVES AND I DOUBT THEYRE ALLOWED TO OBJECT TO AN ENTIRE CONCEPT.

  5. fear fun

    this was a year ago. that's scary.

  6. Allie

    Let’s aim for 80 million in first three weeks

  7. zayverline guezz

    Harta Tahta Mereka <3

  8. kübra köse

    exol'in yuzu gulur mu be

  9. Ruth Elizabeth LP.

    Esta canción me recuerda a Somebody New :")💕

  10. Intania Juniar

    Precious boy

  11. NavyBlue

    Why it looks like the overdose MV

  12. น้องวา สายเอา

    I'm 15 year old and i singsongGEE I have 5 years old

  13. Kim Laura

    Love you so much <3

  14. Oρρα Ɓαєкнуυη


  15. 찌니


  16. J C


  17. Zahra Zahra

    Czennies!!! comeback in here. Please.. Yo yo yow!

  18. Caca Stefani

    Sijeuni kereennnnn. Ayok gass 100M

  19. Caca Stefani

    This mv isn't joke

    1. Caca Stefani

      Inget lucas dong /ngakak/

  20. Kalle A

    I can replay this all day) Sorry for the dumb question but wasn't Winwin a member of NCT U?

  21. multifandom trash


  22. Mayang Widya Putri

    Go up go up🔥🔥

  23. Fredlina Dephania_8


    1. gülnaz dalga

      delete em*jis

  24. Asmya Ochtavia Jolie

    Yok semangat yok... Naikkin jadi trending 1 lagi... Kurang 1 hari lagi udah seminggu lho man teman ... Kalo penontonnya gg nyampe target yang kita harapkan,minimal banget kita genapin jadi trending 1 selama seminggu ini.... Semangat berjuang gaes... Lup yu

  25. Amy Jacobs

    This MV is this song are a msterpiece!!! Love it so much <3

  26. 샤팅스타

    정말 미안해요I'm say sorry 알지 못해서 미안해요 그곳에선 아프지 말아요 늘 응원 할게요 우린 여원한 쫑디의 팬이니까요.

  27. twiinklebell -

    yaallah kun napa ganteng bgt :'')

  28. Fredlina Dephania_8


    1. gülnaz dalga

      DELETE EM*JİS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Fredlina Dephania_8


    1. gülnaz dalga

      delete EM*JİS !!!

  30. Fredlina Dephania_8


    1. gülnaz dalga


  31. Fredlina Dephania_8


  32. christine joy

    Hi dae! You're enlisting tomorrow🥺 Thank you for always inspiring me through your music. Smile like u always do. Take care & comeback to us safely & healthily. Until our next 'Hello' Jongdae-ya!🥺 We'll wait for you. I love youuu

    1. gülnaz dalga

      please delete em*jis

  33. Zərifə Mirali

    Be happy Chen!!! We still love you♡

  34. Uswatun Khasanah

    Lop ijo to u

  35. Chocosun

    This is the best ballad ever

  36. Its Jisso time

    Very proud of them

  37. ღ Army Blink

    *2rd generation* : JYP - wonder girls YG - 2ne1 SM - girls generation *3rd generation* : JYP - twice YG - blackpink SM - red velvet *4rd generation* : JYP - itzy YG - baby monsters (coming soon) SM - (hope new girl group coming soon :) )

  38. hoseok being scared is my aesthetic


  39. exo. exol babina

    why like is only 773k is should be 1b and view is 10b the songs is masterpiece

  40. Its Jisso time


  41. YOUTUBE YouTube


  42. YOUTUBE YouTube


  43. sm89m

    *88 052 800* - (25Oct20 // 17.35WIB)

  44. EXO EXO


  45. Ruth Elizabeth LP.

    Ryeowook puede llegar a notas altas como lo hace una mujer. Su voz es increíble♡

  46. Sehun Oh

    Сладкий голос

  47. YOUTUBE YouTube


  48. 사랑언제나 시작

    설리가 많이 많이 그립다.

  49. YOUTUBE YouTube


  50. Amrid Wahyu D

    eyooo mangats nak maw

  51. Shafaira Rona Prahesti


  52. Sehun Oh

    Самый лучший мужчина

  53. YOUTUBE YouTube


  54. Aulia Salamah

    Akhirnya diriku balik

  55. NB

    NCT forever

  56. YOUTUBE YouTube


  57. argia pcy

    fighting for tomorrow our chen, we love you more more more and always, we always happy to see you and your princess, keep smile, i miss you!!!!!


    Sijeuni fighting!!!

  59. blaire bear

    Mwave gap: 0.3 (M!Countdown) Idol champ gap: 0.78 (Show Champion) Vote now, the voting ends tonight at 11:59 pm kst. Don't complain and whine if they didn't win if you didn't even vote and strm. mwave: m.mwave.me/kr/vote/mcountdown/result install idol champ app

  60. felixwifeuu

    And yes its been a year and im back-

  61. levi Ackerman